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The weight of Uncoated Cupstock Base Paper is between 150gsm and 350gsm, upon the customer demand. Paper is converted to sheets and reels upon customer demand. The sheets are packed in standard sizes, and also packed in special sizes upon customer demand. The plant fiber is the main component of Uncoated Cupstock Base Paper. The production process generally need plant fibers, such as coniferous wood and hardwood wood. Then pulping, refining and screening by paper machine. Except general packaging usages, packaging and printing papers are also used for disposable paper bowls, lunch boxes, hamburger boxes, food paper packaging etc.
At Radha Krishna Papers, we provide a full range of  Uncoated Cup Stock Papers to meet your project needs, and we also give you the option of having us hold your inventory. To discuss your new project, contact us today, or request a quote or sample.


  • 100% virgin pulp, High printing gloss, Smooth printing surface

  • 100% food grade and FDA

  • High gloss, Excellent brightness and smoothness, Good runnability

  • High stiffness and caliper, True color printing

  • ISO 9001:2000, ISO14001:2004, SGS, FSC, FDA, ARE ALL AVAILABLE


  • Uncoated Cupstock Base Paper has a wide range of applications, including chocolate, medical and healthy care, good tags, medicine boxes, dry foods, frozen and chilled foods, tea and coffee, baked foods converting applications. 

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