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Quality premium towel grade tissue paper rolls which are highly absorbent and soft. These towel grade tissue paper rolls  can be used in many more categories & places. These towel grade tissue paper rolls are made using virgin & Recycle both pulp to deliver superior quality and hygiene. They are soft and absorbent and also made from recycled material from regenerative forest sources. So every time you use one of the towel grade tissue paper rolls , you do so without impacting the environment. So go ahead and pull away. Quality towel grade tissue paper rolls are made from 100% natural virgin pulp. They are soft to touch and gentle on skin. They are highly absorbent and can be used in Airports, Hotel, Resturant, Hospitals etc. It is a safe and hygienic choice for your family.

At Radha Krishna Papers, we provide a full range of towel grade tissue paper rolls  to meet your project needs, and we also give you the option of having us hold your inventory. To discuss your new project, contact us today, or request a quote or sample.


  • GSM 30 to 45
  • 1ply kitchen towel tissue paper rolls 
  •  Available in white colours.
  • Soft and good bulk.
  • Good strength.
  • Machine friendly in nature.


  • For used in Airport, Hotel, Resturant, Hospitals etc.

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