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At our mill we use recycled waste paper to make MG Kraft Papers. Recycled paper waste is reconverted into paper. This is a natural brown kraft paper which can be identified due to its colour. This is also unbleached and has a machine glazing on one of the sides. The other side of the paper is matte finish. The Uses Of MG Kraft Papers is for packaging converters and printers. this is also used for coating, laminating and as siliconizing agents. MG kraft papers have been used for making corrugated boxes and packages as needed by various manufacturers. The paper has also been seen as a replacement for polythene carry bags since polythene carry bags are always a threat to the environment. Hence, MG kraft papers are now used widely to make carry bags and shopping bags. Another use of MG kraft paper is to make envelops and gumming tapes. All of these uses make MG kraft papers one of the best types of papers available in the market.
At Radha Krishna Papers, we provide a full range of MG kraft paper to meet your project needs, and we also give you the option of having us hold your inventory. To discuss your new project, contact us today, or request a quote or sample.


  • Eco-friendly and 100% recyclable
  • 100% smell free
  • Pollution-free
  • 100 % odor free
  • Machine Glased Paper


  • For making paper bag, paper pouches, paper boxes, corogated boxes, pizza boxes and for all packaging related products

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